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Sad Photos

Cornershop huh?  Well, here's a cornershop that's just been brimful of Mini...

cornershop.jpg (18183 bytes)


Hmm, I do hope that is just a large log, Roger...

log.jpg (14425 bytes)


Ah, Deep Pan, a regular haunt for fashion casualties everywhere.

deeppan.jpg (48472 bytes)


Roger in his sleeping (and looking) rough days.

roger.jpg (36170 bytes)


Post exam stress relief, or something like that.  Also featuring the lesser spotted Steve Kennedy.

pub.jpg (40539 bytes)


Hmm, I wonder what they've been smoking?

smoke.jpg (37812 bytes)


This should look familiar, though most people wouldn't recognise it in daylight.

hungryyears.jpg (46770 bytes)


Ian slightly under the influence...

ian.jpg (32631 bytes)


Adrian totally under the influence...

adrian.jpg (30942 bytes)


Here's Gary looking about 10...

thelads.jpg (47807 bytes)


...and then trying to hide the fact

thelads2.jpg (49661 bytes)


Sorry Adrian, Gary's a what?

thelads3.jpg (50440 bytes)


Strangely, Steve Brett isn't in focus in this picture...

blur.jpg (45139 bytes)


...or this one.  Almost as if he wasn't really there at all.

oasis.jpg (30383 bytes)


Three of the young ones.  Gary looks particularly young...

youngones.jpg (34498 bytes)


It's a good job you can't see where her hands are...

handsoff.jpg (33636 bytes)


Neil with his little friend.

neilandfriend.jpg (37921 bytes)


Adrian in his "black" period. And indeed his shades wearing period.

shades.jpg (31191 bytes)


Last but not least, Mike Dickson in his element, (I think).

mikedickson.jpg (37969 bytes)