Mount Caburn - 360 Panorama

Ok, I'm sure you don't care, but a couple of years ago I took a set of photographs with a panorama camera from the top of Mount Caburn, near Lewes, where I live.

I'd always planned to do some kind of 360 thing with it, but I never got round to it.   Until now, of course.  I found a program called "Spin Panorama" from PictureWorks, which takes these kind of photographs and blends them together to create a full 360  (or 180) panorama.

So I took all the photos (nine in total), scanned them in, and let the program do it's job.  I think the results are pretty good, though the blend lines are a little obvious.  It would have been better if I'd taken all the pictures from the same spot.

Anyway, here is the panorama, as a JPEG Image, and also a QuickTime VR Movie.